What I'm Reading
What I’m Reading
July 2, 2016
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snoopy-readingThere’s a page heading on this website called “What I’m reading” which is entirely blank. Now, I know that you are all probably queueing up in anticipation to discover what I’m reading at the moment so, wonder no longer and I will reveal all!

Aside from the 79 books (please note that all figures used in these posts are prone to exaggeration) for my Masters, the constant re-reading and editing of my book (yes, that thing is still alive) and my newfound interest in investing (this boy has notions), I am slowly managing to squeeze in some normal reading.

The first of these is the first book of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones. On a side-note, what an amazing TV show it is and if there are any young readers here, not to be watched until you’re eighteen kids! I’ve been reading it for about four months now and have managed a whopping two hundred pages. Hopefully when I get this Masters all done and dusted I will be able to do a lot more leisure reading.

I am also reading a second book, this one more apt for a children’s author and young person’s market. Book number 5 in the incredible Skulduggery Pleasant Series, Mortal Coil is the book of choice. Written by the incredibly witty Derek Landy I am quite happy to add these to my list of ‘go-to’ books for young readers, both girls and boys.

Anyway, this post was written to fill up some space on this website. I’m paying for the thing so I might as well put as much nonsense as I can on it. I know most people share and like articles on social media without actually reading them (except for mammy!) so if you actually did read it and you’ve actually made it this far, congratulations, this last paragraph was pure rubbish and I’ve wasted about a minute of your life.

If you would like to read more vaguely interesting articles, please feel free to like my page on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. If not, then I won’t hold it against you…much.

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