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Submission Time!
July 14, 2016
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ManuscriptIt’s that time of my life again people…submission time! After five previous submissions, over one hundred rejections and tens of thousands of wasted words, I hold onto the hope that this time I have something of quality. Hope isn’t the easiest thing to hold onto when you’re sending off submissions for a piece of work that you have spent a year to craft, only to have it rejected in less than an hour. At that point you do feel sort of crap. But that’s writing, that’s life and you just gotta pick yourself off, dust yourself off and try again…and find a punching bag to relieve frustrations, of course.

So just to recap. I started working on what I’m currently writing on December 22nd 2014. Two and a half weeks later I was accepted onto and online writing course with the prestigious Curtis Brown Creative. (Since opening their doors in 2011 their students have had a whopping twenty-two major publishing deals!) Anyway, I was accepted onto that and loved the course. Around the same time, I also took a creative writing module in college led by International award-winning short story writer Colin Barrett.

In January I submitted and was rejected which was possibly the best thing that happened to me because after that everything clicked. I finally understood what I was meant to be doing and how I could do it. I have spent close to seven months revamping this book, putting more care into how it links to the sequels (it’s supposed the first in a four-book series), fixing dialogue, tightening the plot, choreographing the fight scenes better and making sure the intended funny parts are actually funny.

I’ll submit within the next week. I have my cover letter written, my synopsis practically completed and I’m doing a final read through of my book. Oh, by the way, writing synopses is akin to trying to sculpt a block of marble into the statue of David using a rubber duck, dental floss and a novelty bobblehead of Churchill the dog. I guess you could say I find them difficult.

Why write this post? I’m glad you asked. In the event of a literary agent liking my work, they may well take a look at this website. This post is designed to give one or two extra details that I haven’t included in my submission. Hopefully it will also show how much I want this as a career. So if you’re read this Dear Sir/Madam (yes, you!), I hope you are well and would love to work with you. I’m not sure if this is what is known as breaking the fourth wall but if you give me representation, I will break down a hundred walls if need be.

This is like a submission within a submission…SUBMISSIONCEPTION!

Right, I’ve run out of ideas about what to write. Keep on trucking guys and hopefully I will have some good news soon. I started writing when I was fifteen and next month I’ll be twenty-three. This is book number five. It has been a long old road paved with more redundant words, corny clichés, poorly worded paragraphs and characters more wooden than Pinocchio than the works of E.L. James and Stephanie Meyer combined. With a bit of luck, this is where everything changes and maybe, just maybe, the start of my dream career.

Thanks for reading. If you want to indulge in more of these amazing/exciting/average/boring/what-the-hell-are-you-doing-writing-this-stuff articles (I will quite happily let you decide on that) then why not follow me on Facebook and Twitter? Or, y’know, don’t. Your choice.




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